Saturday, July 28, 2007


2day i had a futsal competition at 7th mile. it was fun at 1st winnig until shevy's team met us n we lost leaving us 2nd place.:( but its all good, 2nd position is not dat bad after all.;).

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

upgraded myself

on the 17th of july,i upgraded from....
Thats the NOKIA 6270... so i upgraded to....
This is the SONYERICSSON P990i..i love it,but then i still have alot of catching up to do on it.i stll make mistakes of pressing "0" for 'space' just like in nokia phones. but then dats not a problem cos even i press dat i get "+" instead of " "(space)..but then ppl i sms still get wat i mean when i

Monday, July 16, 2007


It was awsome! i went for the three nite events! the crowd was very impressive. i enjoyed the african male group,thier voices were amazing.i really like the "awimbuwe" was same song used in "lion king". the madagascar group was good too. i love the Bob marley tribute song.on the second day i met one of my blog reader Samantha Poh and also Kenny Sia. i was dissapointed on saturday nite cos there were no fun beach parties.;(...

i love theses guys!they rocked!

owen enjoying tunes from his root...(ireland). i cant wait for next yrs event! this was amazing!..

ok ppl.time for me to go for classes. peace!

Monday, July 9, 2007

a cool weekend

dis last wekend was a nice one for me! but then i bet the coming one would be nicer as its rainforest fest. i still find it difficult to explian the things n where i went to last wekend but then it all happend cos we had two guest amongst us dat camein from singapore for the weekend.i still think photos go a long way in explianing things beta.

i still got lots of pics of places i couldnt lay my hands on. like the smelly croc farm,wildlife park,the sea food resturant at serian n a couple of others.


BARZING... soho was 2 packed!

met owen at posing with the twins.
at the beach..

the beach pics where on a saturday. like i said,i couldnt get hold of the other pics such as sundays.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

my life as a child

i dont actually remember any part or time in my childhood.i guess its a normal phenomenom for we humans. am yet to meet a person that remembers his or her child hood. recently thinking bout it,i called up my sis and askd her to scan a copy of any of my childhood pic she could get hold of and send to me as most of the pics are stored by my mum in sum kinda box dat only my dad can tell how long she has had it for. she ended up getting one for me but then its had a lil damage to it due to environmental moist as it wasnt really stored properly. so if u have been wondering wat i looked like as a baby, here is a pic...

wat do u think? cute? and that bling i was putting on is still in very good shape till date! now i see d reason i love blings, its cos i started using them at an early stage!lol.

i went to see the movie DIE HARD 4.0 today n it wasnt bad at all..i would rate it at 8.5 outa 10. am a fan of Bruce Willis n i love d way he adds humour o his work.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

transforming spirit

still in the transforming spirit from the movie TRANSFORMERS, i decieded to transform my hair! dis time i made it look really differnt. but then it doesnt come cheap tho. hard to pay cash. but all thesame i would say its worth the pay!lol.
yea i had to go with the briads again. i love it weneva i make it. but there is a catch! it hurts in the process. so if u wanna do it, u gotta be prepared.hahaha..kidding! but it hurts a bit!