Wednesday, January 2, 2008

NEW YEAR!.......2008

2008 is finally here! time to make new year resolutions! and may new year resolution include:

1. Make money! lots of it!

2. go places! lots of places!

3. become a guru in class (yea rite)

4. Minimise partying as much as i can!

5. be at peace with every1

6. get a girl (like wtf!)

7. Make my sis cook 4 me every weekend (since she has decieded to come over :( )

8. Eat sushi(thx kim!)


9. Graduate to the rank of "JEDI PIMP PLAYA" of 2008! yea like WTF, am gonna be a p.i.m.p, n thats the chizzle up in dis bizzle (wtf does dat mean?)

HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!!! thanks 4 does dat supported me last year (2007), I LOVE U ALL!