Sunday, March 30, 2008

happy bday gals

Saturday the 29th of march was the day the my fav set of twins marked another day in thier lives...

The party was at the poolside of village grove condominiums and the required dressing code was meant to be all white, tho some ppl had a mixture of 4 me,i did just as dey sed n turned up all white...

a few pics of the event..most pics r on random cams and i havnt got them yet.

i delivered.. birthday gals

victor pimping!(pharoah is in the building) tosin(aka soulja girl)

leg showoff


9ners (mobo n yusuf)its just a pose ppl (with joy)

tosin giving me the looks *cough* feeling like soulja boy here (yah yah trick!)

me n victor with the celebrants

me n jennifer.(i wasnt ready wen dis pic was taken.;))

mr Atako

victor rocking one of the celebrants to a dancehall tune.

he got too tipsy n decided to take a swim...with his clothes shoes n wallet on.

these are d few pics i had on my cam..other pics which includes dancing in the pool n other stuffs were in sombody else's cam...

i finally quit drinking beer. yay! i drink hieniken now. for those thinking its still beer, u r wrong cos i watched a commercial on you-tube where they sed "more than just a beer". fair enof 4 me. thx ppl. cheers.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

greatest dancer

i remember back in the days when my dad would say "no homework, no jackson" was all because of this...

Michael jackson is still the best...erm bout the lil boyz thingy, does it really matter? i regard dat as private...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

am seeing things!!!

i neva took a pic of wat am bout to say cos i was stunned dat i i couldnt reach 4 my cam...

i know humans do have threesomes or groupie sex, but the fact that dogs do thesame, is just amazing!

i was driving to school dis morning at bout 8 wen i spotted three dogs at the middle of the road in stampin.

ok i could see dat the dog untop was humping the female cos of its waist movments, but wat i didnt understand was y the other dog was also the until i drove closer n behold, its trottle proppeler was in too but in a reverse order making it 2 trottle proppeler's in one chamber of commerce !

i actually wasted 10 mins of my class time n car fuel figuring it out..the best part is, cos they were at the middle of the road, i wasnt the only driver amazed! i had like 4 other ppl watching with me.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

been a while.

been a while since my last blog post...
for some reason i love the song "low" by flo rida, it just reverses my mood from bad to good all the time i hear it while in a bad mood...
i feel funny rite now cos dis post or blogging in general makes me feel new to the whole thing,i guess i will get used to it againg soon after more posts..

What is it with malaysian drivers? y r they labelled the worst drivers in the world?(not by me)...the other day, i was driving down from padugan area and a SLEEPING old lady was gonna hit me n instead i ended up in the curb n the lady ended up causing another crash! who sleeps while driving!!???!!! the funny thing is she neva stopped. well i gave chase(which was fun cos i felt like 007), only to find out it was just an old lady! damm i was gonna show my middle finger to her! well maybe sum other time..