Monday, May 28, 2007

happy birthday donald

Today was a fun day with one of my good buddies Donald aka Mr dee celebrating his birthday. it was a fun house party. wat was most amusing was the show ND put up after going into the tipsy level. i got some pics dat showed more bout the event. d bday boy.
me n the bday boy.
the bday cake. its so cute dat it also comes with winnie the pooh! n donald is not even a teen anymore!
picture with the celebrant.
when u take alchohol,u just feel free!
with Ann.
ND getting in the mood.
once again the party is saved! thx to the POWER PUFF BOYZ!!! yay!!
with Owen.
somehow, the music "i make it rainn" by fat joe got ND into another level.
ALL; ND wats up?
ND; its raining on me!
tiger beer + chivas = imaginary down pour or rain..
ND behind protectin the celebrant from getting wet.

it was a fun nite in general. too bad i had to leave early cos i had an 8am class. but then it was worth while. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr DEE!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

dance at hilton

Today i had a dance presentation with my other friends at hilton. I wasnt sure what the occation was but then there were lots of germans there, so i guessed it was a group get toghether. We did the "MAKOSA" dance. MAKOSA is a french african dance belonging mostly to central and western african tribes, it involves stamina and the independent use of your waist.. it was actually fun to see the people there dance to it. we couldnt help but bringing them up the platform to join us thereby overriding our planned choreography. its actually hardwork doin the dance for a long time as the people almost passed out in barely 5mins. we had to continue as we were having tons of fun. after that we went back to change and we were served with 'tuak' (rice wine). i really missed that drink,i first had it last year in the world music fest. i had too much of it at the fest ,that i neva remembered how i got to kch.the funniest part was dat i bought peanut worth rm3.50 for rm50! i actually tought it was rm5 i gave to the lady and asked her to keep the change,i neva knew it was rm50.i realised the next day when i was looking for my rm50 and couldnt find it,instead i found the rm5.No wonder the lady said "thank you" alot of times to me as i stood there to eat the peanuts. anyway here are some pics of the dance event.

me n ola
getting them all worked up.
sam adding some laughs to everything.

doin his thing.

me doin my part!
the after effect ("water plz!")

that was hard fun! dont try it at home ppl.

the entire perfomers.(got a couple of chinese chics also)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a not so wonderfull day

it started like my normal everyday life (woke up late, went to class late as usuall). after my classes, it came to my understanding that my friend from nigeria who was supposed to be in kch on monday,has been held by the malaysian immigration for reasons i dont understand.its so stressfull when u r held by those people (immigration).she had to spend the nite on a chair untill 2pm today.
when she got to kch airport,i realised she wasnt alone,she had other new students with her and they summed up to 27 persons! that was a large group of africans. i joined the inti staff and we sent them for dinner at kfc located at 3rd mile. in there was crowded with blacks with no space for other ppl.
the annoying part for me is that they are 27 in number and there were only 2 GIRLS! dats bad! y so many guys? y not many girls and few boys? anyway,it was a stressfull evening as i had to activate 20 hotlink numbers and accommodation grouping.the off camp accomodation grouping wasnt fun as many people didnt want to share with a particular person n some wanted a single room,but then the rooms were was getting to 9pm and we just settled the issue by telling them its just for tonite. the other group was sent to the hostel which was much easier and understanding.i also went into the female hostel for the 1st time cos my friends luggage was big so the staff asked me to help her with it.;)

me n tosin

Tosin is a very good friend of mine,we r couples (without romance).she is a multi talented IT girl and possess a nice personality.
she is in her final year now and soon to be a graduate.kinda envy her tho,but then she is my gf. so i guess i hav to be proud of her.the funniest part is dat she is also my extra lesson teacher. so she is my friend,gf, n , teacher! nice
kch and wild insects or do i say wildlife?

am still amazed dat am finding a scopion at the front of my house for the second time. the 1st time i held it prisoner until it died after a couple of days. today i found one trying to go into the main house and i didnt hesitate to kill it wen it got itself into defence and battle mode.

am still suprised that there are fishes in the gutters and drains here. its funny when i see people fishing on the street! dat scene has always been wierd for me.i grew up learning dat fishes are found in lakes, rivers and so on.but then i was never told gutter n drians.i guess my teacher and also my dad forgot to mention that to me.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

ladder jump

Have u ever climbed up high in a ladder b4 and reaching ur peak high above, u tried to jump to the other?
What happens?
1st u r optimistic bout doin in but u feel its a better option.
2nd, if u fail,u stand a chance of not gettin hold of any of the ladders causing u to crash!

i find myself in this situation. i tried jumping over, but then the ladder i was jumping to snapped. luckily enough,am still hanging on to the 1st ladder but with one arm only..i hope i regain my balance soon cos it hurts so bad hanging on one arm...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

me n whips

Cars makes up a big part of my life, i love dem so much! even if i dont own one here.

1st in my list is the car i call "SPEED LAVA"..cant find any other suitable name for it.its the "MERCEDES BENZ MC LAREN";

this machine comes with a stunning supercharged 5.5 (5439 cc) litre dry sumped 90 degree stacked six V8.

It produces 466.8 kW at 6500 rpm (626 hp) and 780 N·m (575 ft·lbf) torque at 3250 - 5000 rpm.

AMG technicians took the original SL-55 AMG engine and optimized its capacities by enlarging the fuel pump, the cylinders, and installed a larger cooling system. It has 3 valves per cylinder with SOHC.

The coolest thing i love bout this car are the doors!they go up like transformers.and also it goes from 0-100km/h in just 3.8 seconds! now u see y i call it the speed lava!

This whip rite here is the "PHANTOM ROLLS ROYCE"..its very cool in looks but i still think its meant for the older boys..

this beauty comes with a 6.75l V12 engine., which generates 453 horsepower and 513 lb-ft of torque at 3500 rpm. That's enough to propel the 5775-pound droptop to 60 mph in approximately 5.7 seconds. WOW!

lamborghini murcielago! i cant say much bout this car cos it speaks 4 itself.this is built with class and muscle.its wat i like to call the "ravage bull", am not sure wat dat means but dats wat i hav always called it.
This is the LP640 model.LP stands for Longitudinale Posteriore, referring to the longitudinally-mounted, 6.5 L V12 engine, capable of producing up to 640 bhp at 8000 rpm. Along with a new six-speed manual transmission, which can come in Lamborghini's optional paddle shift" E-gear" package, the LP640 can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds: 0.4 seconds quicker than the normal MurciƩlago. The LP640 is accommodated by an electronic Launch control device called "Thrust" 0 - 100km/h in 3.4 seconds is...WOW!!!

THIS one is called the BMW dream car, the show stopper! a car cappable bringing u respect on the street!

Although its not very much up to the standards of the lambo,BMW claims it will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.6 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). With the limiter removed, the top speed can reach 330 km/h (206 mph). However, people have managed to achieve an outstanding top speed of 340km/h (211.27 mph) - displayed by the HUD; and multiple road tests have shown that the M6 accelerates from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds.

Now dats wat i call show stopper.its also available in convertible model but all are still coupes.

NOW to the main event! i call this "THE LORD OF THE RING"..known to be the fastest car in production,this machine retails at USD1.6 million!

The Veyron features a W16 engine—16 cylinders in 4 banks of 4 cylinders, or the equivalent of two narrow-angle V8 engines mated in a "W" configuration. Each cylinder has 4 valves, for a total of 64, but the narrow V8 configuration allows two camshafts to drive two banks of cylinders so only 4 camshafts are needed. The engine is fed by four turbochargers, and it displaces 8.0 L (7,993 cc/488 in³) with a square 86 by 86 mm bore and stroke.
Putting this power to the ground is a dual-clutch DSG computer-controlled manual transmission with 7 gear ratios via shifter paddles behind the steering wheel boasting an 8 ms shift time. The Veyron can be driven by full automatic transmission. The Veyron also features full-time all-wheel drive based on the Haldex system. It uses special Michelin run-flat tires designed specifically for the Veyron to accommodate the vehicle's top speed.
Curb weight is estimated at 4,160 lb (1890 kg). This gives the car a power to weight ratio of 529 bhp/tonne.
The car's wheelbase is 2710 mm (106.3 in). Overall length is 4462 mm (175.8 in). It measures 1998 mm (78.7 in) wide and 1206 mm (47.5 in) tall.
The Bugatti Veyron has a total of 10 radiators.
3 radiators for the engine cooling system.
1 heat exchanger for the air to liquid intercoolers.
2 for the air conditioning system.
1 transmission oil radiator.
1 differential oil radiator.
1 engine oil radiator.
1 hydraulic oil radiator for the spoiler.

This car reminds me of the james blunt music "u re beatifull"..but ya all knw how it goes rite? its beautiful but i will neva be wit it..

Friday, May 18, 2007

GEMINI MAN (May 21 - June 20)

A man in this Zodiac has a thin long and proportional face. He has a high forehead and very cleaver. He looks like he can not stand or sit still, a very fast person. His nose is just right in size, thin lips, talk fast and very talkative. He can think faster than he talks, but once he start talking, he will talk non stop as if god has gifted him with that special talk machine mouth. He likes to cut his hair short and he is very athletic. He is a tall, slim and every movement of his is "Fast" or nearly call "Hyperactive". He has a long fingers and always tapping on table or moving his finger as if he is trying to grab something. He is the type who will write or scribble on paper, he never stay still. His hair always well comb or neat. He will spent a long time to comb his hair. He will keep his manicure and pedicure clean. He is a well dress and clean guy, so if you like cleanliness, you will love him.

He will keep all his cloth in big closet, and never throw away even shirts he never wear any more, but yet he still keep buying new cloths and make sure he is in style. He knows how to dress well even with a low budget. He get bored easily with his favorite cloths , cologne. He is very picky, so soap and his cologne even have to be in the same trend or same scent. If you date this kind of guy, you might think you are dating 2 guys, you will have to guess his feeling and emotion. Is he doing thing because it is a duty, or is it because he wants to? He change his mind as fast as he change a new pairs of shoes. He can pick up a book and roughly read through and understand it's contents, so if you see a Gemini man who reads the whole book, then he must be influenced by other Zodiac.

He hate to set fix schedule, and dislike a boring same routine job. He could hardly be on time, and can only keep time if it is complete important and necessary. He does not come late because he forgets, but because he always find other attractions along the way. He likes to act opposite to what he wants to do. He is a very good speaker and make a very good politician. He can easily persuade other people and well presented himself in public, a real charmer. If he is a writer, he will write the best seller. He always search for truth and constantly study himself. He never satisfy about his fame, his reputation or money, because he thinks he deserved more. He will keep searching even he is not sure what is his ultimate satisfaction. Woman in love normally wants to feel secure and stable, but if you fall in love with this guy be prepare to be alone. He will come to see you when he feels like it.

He won't even know how he spent his days everyday, so adjust yourself if you love him. Dating him is like dating 2 guys, so today he can tell you how much he loves you, but tomorrow he might call you to cancel your date. When he upsets, he could tell you he hate your dress, even it is the same dress he used to tell you make you look very sexy. Do not ask him why he is that's way for he won't have any explanations too. When he is back to normal mood, he will take you out again and forget what just happened. You can not expect him to be the same person now, and forever. His changes will depend on you, for better or for worst. If you like to take risk and dare for challenges, you will get along with him fine. He keeps his emotional secretly as if hiding it, so you will not be able to see if he crazy in love with you, or does not give a damn at all, but be calm and patient. He will never leave you if he thinks you are a puzzle, then he will spent times solving this puzzle.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


i had this photoshoot sumtime ago last month. i was informed quite late bout it so i had no time to pick stuffs to wear and i also had no clue to where it was gonna be. Nurul gave me a buzz on the nite b4 which was the 29th of april and dat she needed me in a photoshoot cos they needed a male.i said ok,but then the time was at 10am, same time i was supposed to be at the chinese embassy.
but sumhow i finally made it and it was fun while at it, n the pics didnt turn out so bad afterall...

here are few pics of the event.

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I will definitly wanna go for another shoot!


if the human sense was so common as ppl call it,then most stupid actions carried out wouldnt occur cos "common" sense would have directed the actors of the action on wats rite to do. for example ppl who throw themselfs outa high building cos ppl they love cheated on then n stuffs like dat. but then if common sense was actually present,then he or she would know dat there are tons of fishes in the ocean.those ppl posses wat i call "rare sense"...Rare senses are those that are uniqly stupid n retard in thier thoughts.those that think they can end a problem with another. everyone has a trace of rare sense in them and its not a bad thing.its actually great to use cos rite now am not using my common sense and dats y i could just end dis topic now. end of topic!

Monday, May 14, 2007

monday 14th

today was a wierd,tiring and a lil fun. got to school this morning and i was called by my counsellor that the MD wanted to see me (then in my head i was thinking of my crime this time cos the semester only just started)..when i got to the office, i was offered a job to be a dance instructor and majorly for the hip hop routine. i was dumb founded at first and silent.when he didnt get any word from me, he said "i take that as a yes.all ur trips with your colleagues would be taken care of" it sounded cool to me cos basically i had nothing to lose!

today i had the worst hair stlye dat anywhere i passed dey just turned n looked like the crown on the statue of liberty.most africans called me prof. wole soyinka a nigerian author who won a nobel price for literature. they called me dat cos he had a unique kinda afro that mine looked liked.cant say looked like mine cos he started it n i just followed.;)
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this was how my hair looked just dat mine is black n his is white. and i had sunglasses on! he has reading glasses.;).i bet am cooler than this dude!

later in the evening while relaxing at home i had a suprise call at the was a person i havnt seen for a while but got a big thing for. we had dinner out and parted ways again but this time to see soon..

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To love n to Be in love..
when does one love, and when is one in love?
To me its very different cos when u just LOVE sumone,its just you doin the loving without the other person feeling same. now the person doesnt hate u but just dont love you for reasons best known to them.. this sounds more like a crush to me but sum how i wont regard it as dat!
When in love,here both parties are involved and its usually a wonderfull experience.
where do u belong?

Are u in love with sumone?
Do u just love sumone?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

time 4 everything

There is a time for everything, a time to smile, a time to cry,study,die,learn and so much more. Now, its my time to join the bloggers network and put down in writing n pictures the way i see the world around me. i have been to places,seen alot of things and i have met many faces and personalities. now its all up to me to but them down in writing or just keep my visualisations to myslef. this is my 1st post and i wanna say thank you to someone who motivated me to do this.Thx sam! i really appreciate all ur help...