Thursday, May 24, 2007

dance at hilton

Today i had a dance presentation with my other friends at hilton. I wasnt sure what the occation was but then there were lots of germans there, so i guessed it was a group get toghether. We did the "MAKOSA" dance. MAKOSA is a french african dance belonging mostly to central and western african tribes, it involves stamina and the independent use of your waist.. it was actually fun to see the people there dance to it. we couldnt help but bringing them up the platform to join us thereby overriding our planned choreography. its actually hardwork doin the dance for a long time as the people almost passed out in barely 5mins. we had to continue as we were having tons of fun. after that we went back to change and we were served with 'tuak' (rice wine). i really missed that drink,i first had it last year in the world music fest. i had too much of it at the fest ,that i neva remembered how i got to kch.the funniest part was dat i bought peanut worth rm3.50 for rm50! i actually tought it was rm5 i gave to the lady and asked her to keep the change,i neva knew it was rm50.i realised the next day when i was looking for my rm50 and couldnt find it,instead i found the rm5.No wonder the lady said "thank you" alot of times to me as i stood there to eat the peanuts. anyway here are some pics of the dance event.

me n ola
getting them all worked up.
sam adding some laughs to everything.

doin his thing.

me doin my part!
the after effect ("water plz!")

that was hard fun! dont try it at home ppl.

the entire perfomers.(got a couple of chinese chics also)


Anonymous said...

the party looked real happening. about the rm50 for the peanuts omg... lol u regretting?

ehon said...

agrees with Sam. Lol! The party looks really happening! And the peanuts are just.. lol! too much!

emmanuel said...

hahahahaha. sam i wasnt regreting the rm50. its not her fault. no one forced me to drink.
man ehon, u hav no idea on how expencive those peanuts where.hahahah.i just imagined them as special!

samudhya said...

haha.. independent use of the waist. nice.

Auberta said...

Keep up the good work.