Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a not so wonderfull day

it started like my normal everyday life (woke up late, went to class late as usuall). after my classes, it came to my understanding that my friend from nigeria who was supposed to be in kch on monday,has been held by the malaysian immigration for reasons i dont understand.its so stressfull when u r held by those people (immigration).she had to spend the nite on a chair untill 2pm today.
when she got to kch airport,i realised she wasnt alone,she had other new students with her and they summed up to 27 persons! that was a large group of africans. i joined the inti staff and we sent them for dinner at kfc located at 3rd mile. in there was crowded with blacks with no space for other ppl.
the annoying part for me is that they are 27 in number and there were only 2 GIRLS! dats bad! y so many guys? y not many girls and few boys? anyway,it was a stressfull evening as i had to activate 20 hotlink numbers and accommodation grouping.the off camp accomodation grouping wasnt fun as many people didnt want to share with a particular person n some wanted a single room,but then the rooms were limited.it was getting to 9pm and we just settled the issue by telling them its just for tonite. the other group was sent to the hostel which was much easier and understanding.i also went into the female hostel for the 1st time cos my friends luggage was big so the staff asked me to help her with it.;)

me n tosin

Tosin is a very good friend of mine,we r couples (without romance).she is a multi talented IT girl and possess a nice personality.
she is in her final year now and soon to be a graduate.kinda envy her tho,but then she is my gf. so i guess i hav to be proud of her.the funniest part is dat she is also my extra lesson teacher. so she is my friend,gf, n , teacher! nice
kch and wild insects or do i say wildlife?

am still amazed dat am finding a scopion at the front of my house for the second time. the 1st time i held it prisoner until it died after a couple of days. today i found one trying to go into the main house and i didnt hesitate to kill it wen it got itself into defence and battle mode.

am still suprised that there are fishes in the gutters and drains here. its funny when i see people fishing on the street! dat scene has always been wierd for me.i grew up learning dat fishes are found in lakes, rivers and so on.but then i was never told gutter n drians.i guess my teacher and also my dad forgot to mention that to me.


Anonymous said...

u're funny la. the immigration thing does sound scary. ur friends are detained there for quite sometime. what did the immigration people say to them?

emmanuel said...

nothin usefull dat i understand actually. but then when i came here for the 1st time, i didnt have much problem wit the malaysian.i was only detained 4 3hrs. just dat the indian immigration officers were big fulltime assholes!

Anonymous said...

i think they suspected that ur friends were bringing in sth illegal perhaps since there were so many of ur friends coming together at once.Sounds absurd but yea maybe they do things like that.

emmanuel said...

yea but then how possible is it they passed with those illegal thru doha and singapore? immigration is always like dat. they will make sure u r genuie and it usually takes time.

sKim &/or chamoo said...

wow that girl is really pretty