Saturday, June 30, 2007


i went to star cineplex earlier to book tickets for transformers,but then it was all occupied. leaving me no choice, i went to parkson.i got the tickets for 9pm. towards the middle of the movie,the screen went blank and the lights came on,seems it was a couple of tech problems.but then it was restored after 20 mins(it was really 20 mins long). but then i must say my Rm10 wasnt wasted. i love dat movie! i wanna go see it again this week! i love the GM Camaro(the yellow "bee" robot),the car looks n drives sick. OMG i want one! "Daddy plz i promise to be a good boy until am 28 if u get me dat car"! i would say,if u havnt seen TRANSFORMERS, then u aint seen NOTHING yet!i got one word for this ride n it is..."SICK!"
oh yea, its my wallpaper also!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

dig this!

What best describes the principle of globalization?

Answer: Princess Diana's death.

Question: How come?

Answer: An English princess, with an Egyptian boyfriend, had an accident in a French tunnel, while driving in a German car with a Dutch engine, driven by a Belgian man who was high on Scottish whiskey, followed closely by Italian paparazzi on Japanese motorcycles. The injured persons were treated by an American doctor using Brazilian medicines and this mail is sent to you by a Nigerian using Bill Gates' technology which was stolen from the Japanese....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the come back!

Getting back to my self recently. got a new love(hp compaq laptop) after losing my ex love(cliveo laptop).Yea i knw am crazy,but then its the only thing i could love. i must say i love my new computer! am so happy with myself at the moment! but then am not complete,i still miss those happy times. but then again, its past, so f#ck it! this is wat my new com looks like...

Friday, June 22, 2007

all comes down

this month june,which also happens to be my birthmonth, is officially the worst month for me this yr! so many bad experiences that makes me wonder wat i've done wrong. presently, i feel so weightless! seems like all the things that made me stick up or happy, is just fading away b4 my eyes. i cant wait 4 the turn around of current situations.

Monday, June 18, 2007

kuching aint safe no more

just when i was starting to think that ur house is the safest place to be in, last saturday proved me wrong! Armed robbers raided my house on saturday morning at about 11am(broad day light). they made away with my laptop,digital camera,playstation 2, speaker and handphone..i wondered,if these guys could break in during the day like dis, then the nite is gonna be worse. but then,they didnt get the best of me! i still gonna ride on, n even bigger.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

yes! i did it!!!!!

i just beat my own pizza eating record! b4 i had a self record of a full regular pepperoni deluxe pizza and a can of coke. but today i beat dat record! i hard a pepperoni delight large size and a 1.5 litre of pepsi in one sitting! beat dat if u can!

rain rain go away!

today was a great day 4 me! it was great cos i missed my class! it wasnt my fault, it rained heavily! i had no choice than to enjoy the weather n relax. i had a friend with same excuse. we were chatting online when we were supposed to be in class.but then it was cos of the rain. my friends name is Shevy,i usually called him "majek fashek"(an african regae rasterferian) cos of his hair style, but now i call him "hiro nakamora" cos of these pics. when the hair was still low in size!
developed "majek fashek"
still "majek fashek" here.

now "Hiro Nakamora"!

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Birthday party

Happy birthday to me! Yes I made thru another year in life. My birthday is officially 10th of June, but I had to celebrate on the 9th because it was a Saturday so hang over's won't be a problem. It started as a stressful day. I woke up early so I could get the house cleaned up and luckily I had victor to help me also. After the cleaning, I realized how messed up my hair was, so I asked victor to help me undo the braids I had on. After I had my shower and Owen picked me up to go get drinks and coolers from Nadia's place. Generally I had the party later at night with a lot of people I never thought would show up. It was fun generally especially watching the drunken guys display. Well later I had my shower with (not water but) beer! The guys emptied a crate on me! And I didn't realized what was coming, because ikenna borrowed my phone, victor asked me for the camera to take a pic, and Owen asked me to take of my top shirt cos they wanted me to dance, I did all dis only for all the guys to shower me with tons of beer! It was fun tho! I had a customized birthday card from Rhoda, ugo & ada (twins), jenny… I was disappointed also at first cos my housemate Anthony was away the whole time until halfway into the party. But then it was all good. I also had to dance for the people. I captured most of the moments on pics!

ugobi & adaobi (twin)
the beer baptism
i was checkin how ok i was. hmm i guess very ok!
this was the reason and the cause!

It was a memorable event after all. I had a slight hang over the next day but am good! The picture with my eyes wide open was after the party when I was trying to convince myself dat I was ok. But then I doubt if I was.. thx 2 u all dat made it happen! I love u guys!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Getting ready 4 my bday

Today school was boring! I was just thinking of my coming bday in class thereby making the time move slowly. Finally I invited my friends to come over to my place on the 9th (sat) for my bday party. But then my actual bday is on the 10th which happens to be a Sunday. I didn't wanna celebrate then because it was a Sunday and the next day a couple of ppl had morning classes or working. At this hour am actually confused for reasons I have no idea bout.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Today i walked into maybank with owen after breakfast to ask why the money transfered to my account since the last two weeks hasnt been reflected. getting the the customer care officer,they suggested i should wait for like two more days! n am like WTF!!! as far as i can tell,the only cool thing bout maybank is the online banking service . apart from that, its trash and thier services to customer sucks. if u were expecting some cash and the time clocks 4pm on a friday,then 4get your money for that weekend. i cant even make a deposit to my account thru the deposit machine. after seeing the cust care officer, i went into the atm room to withdraw some cash and a notice there caught my attention. it reads that indo and pakistani workers earning or depositing (sumtin like dat) below rm5000 will be charged rm3 and above rm5000 will be charged its like the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer.i hope i read that wrong,but if am rite then...WAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PPL!!!!!???!!!!