Saturday, June 30, 2007


i went to star cineplex earlier to book tickets for transformers,but then it was all occupied. leaving me no choice, i went to parkson.i got the tickets for 9pm. towards the middle of the movie,the screen went blank and the lights came on,seems it was a couple of tech problems.but then it was restored after 20 mins(it was really 20 mins long). but then i must say my Rm10 wasnt wasted. i love dat movie! i wanna go see it again this week! i love the GM Camaro(the yellow "bee" robot),the car looks n drives sick. OMG i want one! "Daddy plz i promise to be a good boy until am 28 if u get me dat car"! i would say,if u havnt seen TRANSFORMERS, then u aint seen NOTHING yet!i got one word for this ride n it is..."SICK!"
oh yea, its my wallpaper also!

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