Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Today i walked into maybank with owen after breakfast to ask why the money transfered to my account since the last two weeks hasnt been reflected. getting the the customer care officer,they suggested i should wait for like two more days! n am like WTF!!! as far as i can tell,the only cool thing bout maybank is the online banking service . apart from that, its trash and thier services to customer sucks. if u were expecting some cash and the time clocks 4pm on a friday,then 4get your money for that weekend. i cant even make a deposit to my account thru the deposit machine. after seeing the cust care officer, i went into the atm room to withdraw some cash and a notice there caught my attention. it reads that indo and pakistani workers earning or depositing (sumtin like dat) below rm5000 will be charged rm3 and above rm5000 will be charged its like the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer.i hope i read that wrong,but if am rite then...WAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PPL!!!!!???!!!!


eilyn said...

HAHAHA!.... the funniest Blog i've ever read!.. it does make sense. Interesting. :-)

emmanuel said...

wow! thx eilyn! i think its cos u knw me dats y it makes sence to