Monday, June 11, 2007

My Birthday party

Happy birthday to me! Yes I made thru another year in life. My birthday is officially 10th of June, but I had to celebrate on the 9th because it was a Saturday so hang over's won't be a problem. It started as a stressful day. I woke up early so I could get the house cleaned up and luckily I had victor to help me also. After the cleaning, I realized how messed up my hair was, so I asked victor to help me undo the braids I had on. After I had my shower and Owen picked me up to go get drinks and coolers from Nadia's place. Generally I had the party later at night with a lot of people I never thought would show up. It was fun generally especially watching the drunken guys display. Well later I had my shower with (not water but) beer! The guys emptied a crate on me! And I didn't realized what was coming, because ikenna borrowed my phone, victor asked me for the camera to take a pic, and Owen asked me to take of my top shirt cos they wanted me to dance, I did all dis only for all the guys to shower me with tons of beer! It was fun tho! I had a customized birthday card from Rhoda, ugo & ada (twins), jenny… I was disappointed also at first cos my housemate Anthony was away the whole time until halfway into the party. But then it was all good. I also had to dance for the people. I captured most of the moments on pics!

ugobi & adaobi (twin)
the beer baptism
i was checkin how ok i was. hmm i guess very ok!
this was the reason and the cause!

It was a memorable event after all. I had a slight hang over the next day but am good! The picture with my eyes wide open was after the party when I was trying to convince myself dat I was ok. But then I doubt if I was.. thx 2 u all dat made it happen! I love u guys!


Anonymous said...

omg that was some happening event! feq looks really good without her tudung. fancy. was the theme meant to be u guys being dressed in white clothings?

emmanuel said...

erm..naa! hahaha. i just wore white as a choice.i neva seen feq use tudung b4 tho.

sKim &/or chamoo said...

happy happy happy birthday
happy birthday to youuu

emmanuel said...

thx samu n kim!

Miss Ayisha said...

haha looks more like fun...hope u enjoyed it all.....