Monday, October 29, 2007

bad day

with my exams comming up on wednesday,dis is a bad time to fall ill!:(...i hate it wen i fall ill,it feels like a curse. and as of today,i was gonna start study,but wat do i get? just lay on my bed all day, got few medical tips from amber and feeling a lil beta now,so i decided to post dis cos i think the book worsens my health.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

fight for kisses..

i saw dis clip on metacafe n i thot it was a really cool to put up here...

Fight For Kisses - The best video clips are here
it reminds me of my two lil sisters. the older one who is 7 now usually did things to impress my mum and cool lil tricks dat made my other sister who is 3 now cry. she would get a tooth pick n use it on the youger one while my mum is carrying her,making her cry until a major consolation procedure is used to be very funny to me! dat instance i knew dat was really my sis.

i cant wait to go back home! its been 2yrs n 3months since i saw my familly. but then its all gonna change dis november. the only thing painful bout goin, was wen i had to pay 4 my ticket. i had to decide if to buy with such amount or not and it took me 1week to realise dat it was worth it since i was gonna see my family.:)...

the only thing i fear is dat i hav lacked so much parenting care and i wonder if am still gonna be used to it. hmmm i still wanna be mummy's boy, but if mummy is still same as i left her, then there is gonna be a problem cos i think i change!

the good part, is i no longer think chivas i remember when my dad would offer me a non mixed sip n i will end up drinking stuffs just to make the taste go away. but now, its gonna be "daddy u up 4 'one go'?"....

Monday, October 15, 2007

raya raya!!

selemat hari raya!!! this raya i didnt visit much houses, just went to nadia's on saturday and spent the whole day there and even ended up passing out there.
well sunday morning, we left to BAKO NATIONAL PARK and it was fun, too bad i had no real cam but my phone to take pics,tho it didnt turn out bad. i love the wild life and the scenery there.

enjoying the view!

sumhow dis looks small here but its actually massive n big!

i love this HOG! i named its "napoleon"

meet the most advanced theives in the park. i hate em!

2 me, the is the most beatifull animal i encountered at the park.i tried touching it and almost lost my hand.

finally we had to leave today which is monday,back to kuching. i must say its worth it,but goin there countering the waves is one of my scariest moments of my life! oh yea , riding back, we saw some huge crocs ,but i could not take out my cam cos it was raining.:(.nway it was fun!.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

0 - 100

Wife mentioned to her husband that for her birthday, she would like something that accelerates from 0 to 100 in four seconds. She was expecting something like this…

But her husband presented her with something very different...

The husband is in a critical but stable condition in ICU!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

all gone :(

finally i got the courage to cut my hair after battling with myself over it for about a i look more like a 17yr old.but on the other hand,i will get them back in a couple of months.:)



am so 14 yr old looking n ....nevermind.:(

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I finally wanna have a change,it doesnt matter if its 4 the better or 4 d worse. sum mite say am beta , sum mite say am worse, but am saying,its just a change.

To start with,am gonna cut of my hair,no more briads or curly long hair.

Then am gonna stop turning down "offers".(its gotten to its peak).

Most of all am no longer gonna give a shit bout wat ppl say or think bout me.

Am gonna be ME with a lil alteration.

Oh yea 1 thing i wouldnt wanna change is my stupidity, its so fun having it as a talent.],i wonder my life without being stupid. well i wont change on dat aspect but wat am gonna do is IMPROVE on it!...