Monday, October 15, 2007

raya raya!!

selemat hari raya!!! this raya i didnt visit much houses, just went to nadia's on saturday and spent the whole day there and even ended up passing out there.
well sunday morning, we left to BAKO NATIONAL PARK and it was fun, too bad i had no real cam but my phone to take pics,tho it didnt turn out bad. i love the wild life and the scenery there.

enjoying the view!

sumhow dis looks small here but its actually massive n big!

i love this HOG! i named its "napoleon"

meet the most advanced theives in the park. i hate em!

2 me, the is the most beatifull animal i encountered at the park.i tried touching it and almost lost my hand.

finally we had to leave today which is monday,back to kuching. i must say its worth it,but goin there countering the waves is one of my scariest moments of my life! oh yea , riding back, we saw some huge crocs ,but i could not take out my cam cos it was raining.:(.nway it was fun!.


sKim &/or chamoo said...

it looks like ur taking a piss in e first photo.

emmanuel said...

hahahahha. i just realised dat! oh well,its just wat it seems to be and am ok with it.thx kim.

a b s o l u t a b b y said...

huge crocs, huh? how HUGE? lol.

Anonymous said...

hey so i guess u didn't go visit Nurul! the pictures are great. just these few?

emmanuel said...

sam: no i didnt go to nuruls place anymore.:(..i wonder if she is upset bout it tho cos she wont talk to i got just few cos most times i left my phone at the chalet.

abby: very very big. 15foot maybe.

mustardqueen said...

if my sis sees that snake (if her eyes can see what's beneath the bushes) she'd prolly DIE on the spot... haha snakes are sexy... :P

emmanuel said...

yeah snakes r ur sis dat scared of snakes?