Monday, May 14, 2007

monday 14th

today was a wierd,tiring and a lil fun. got to school this morning and i was called by my counsellor that the MD wanted to see me (then in my head i was thinking of my crime this time cos the semester only just started)..when i got to the office, i was offered a job to be a dance instructor and majorly for the hip hop routine. i was dumb founded at first and silent.when he didnt get any word from me, he said "i take that as a yes.all ur trips with your colleagues would be taken care of" it sounded cool to me cos basically i had nothing to lose!

today i had the worst hair stlye dat anywhere i passed dey just turned n looked like the crown on the statue of liberty.most africans called me prof. wole soyinka a nigerian author who won a nobel price for literature. they called me dat cos he had a unique kinda afro that mine looked liked.cant say looked like mine cos he started it n i just followed.;)
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this was how my hair looked just dat mine is black n his is white. and i had sunglasses on! he has reading glasses.;).i bet am cooler than this dude!

later in the evening while relaxing at home i had a suprise call at the was a person i havnt seen for a while but got a big thing for. we had dinner out and parted ways again but this time to see soon..

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To love n to Be in love..
when does one love, and when is one in love?
To me its very different cos when u just LOVE sumone,its just you doin the loving without the other person feeling same. now the person doesnt hate u but just dont love you for reasons best known to them.. this sounds more like a crush to me but sum how i wont regard it as dat!
When in love,here both parties are involved and its usually a wonderfull experience.
where do u belong?

Are u in love with sumone?
Do u just love sumone?


Anonymous said...

hey emmanuel! i'm putting ur site at my blog list aight? ;) that beach in ur header pic is a damai pic.

to love and being in love are different. that, i agree.

emmanuel said...

thx sam 4 ur comment! really appreciate ur help. u agree on dat? so wats ur stand? oh i knw dont worry! i love sumone ;).hahahaha..but not yet in love!

ehon said...


got to your blog from samantha's. well, i love how you nicely put those last few words. very intriguing yet beautifully said. :)

and welcome to the blogosphere! :)


emmanuel said...

thx ehon 4 the support! cheers man!