Thursday, March 20, 2008

been a while.

been a while since my last blog post...
for some reason i love the song "low" by flo rida, it just reverses my mood from bad to good all the time i hear it while in a bad mood...
i feel funny rite now cos dis post or blogging in general makes me feel new to the whole thing,i guess i will get used to it againg soon after more posts..

What is it with malaysian drivers? y r they labelled the worst drivers in the world?(not by me)...the other day, i was driving down from padugan area and a SLEEPING old lady was gonna hit me n instead i ended up in the curb n the lady ended up causing another crash! who sleeps while driving!!???!!! the funny thing is she neva stopped. well i gave chase(which was fun cos i felt like 007), only to find out it was just an old lady! damm i was gonna show my middle finger to her! well maybe sum other time..

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