Monday, July 9, 2007

a cool weekend

dis last wekend was a nice one for me! but then i bet the coming one would be nicer as its rainforest fest. i still find it difficult to explian the things n where i went to last wekend but then it all happend cos we had two guest amongst us dat camein from singapore for the weekend.i still think photos go a long way in explianing things beta.

i still got lots of pics of places i couldnt lay my hands on. like the smelly croc farm,wildlife park,the sea food resturant at serian n a couple of others.


BARZING... soho was 2 packed!

met owen at posing with the twins.
at the beach..

the beach pics where on a saturday. like i said,i couldnt get hold of the other pics such as sundays.


samudhya said...

i lovee the orange sparkly top =)

emmanuel said...

erm she says thx samu. n thx 4 droppin by.

water_angel said...

great pics =)

would love to go to the beach with my mates too..we planned it once, but couldn't go in the last minute..=(

emmanuel said...

hello water_angel... ohh dats bad. dont worry next time u can make it. thx 4 dropping by.

skim said...

no offence or anything but wut is wit black people and fried chicken?

dun call me mean. it was just a question. haha


emmanuel said...

kim kim kim...its just chicken! i dont knw bout u but i love em! ok ok, wats with asians and rice? or chinese n noddles?

i wont call u mean dont worry!hahaha

skim said...

iono asian people eat rice like we're drinking water. its like genetic.

but if u eat THAT much fried chicken.


emmanuel said...

hahahahahaha....if u eat dat much rice, wow!!lol.

Linus Chibros said...

Hehe emma, don't mind kim, she is always like that...Kim if u want to know what is with blacks and fried chicken, u know u got to check out what is with chinese ppl with NODDLES, not to talk of TEA..

Linus Chibros said...

Emma u know what? In chinese world, u can tell someone "u're popular like noddles in china" or u can tell a chinese girl "baby u know what? i love u more than all the teas in china" u'll see that girl will fall for u...good tricks

emmanuel said...

linus u r one lil sucker! hahahaha. hey kim does dat work on chinese girls?