Tuesday, August 28, 2007

been a long time!

after all this time i get to update my blog. am so full of shit that sumtime i dont even knw wat to do with my life or maybe with myself (i knw wat to do with my life,get married n give the life to my wife to look after n maintain).no wonder owen calls me "asshole",cute name rite?i love it,afterall if i check, i find out dat am an ASSHOLE! oh well, its been a boring holiday n i got less than a week more to enjoy it. n am thinking singapore for the next few days,but wait! i neva planned a holiday vacation until it was literaly over.hmm i just love my name.nway its singapore tomorow then.oh yea am scared of hieghts.

Reently made up with a friend i had a misunderstanding with earlier dis yr. n now i cant be any happier things have smoothen up.we even got to hang out,n 4 all i can say it was fun! made me think i missed alot while we kept our distances.n if u were wondering,it wasnt my fault!here r some pics of us. ermm u need to figure out who urself.

Ever wonder the difference between famale and male shades? well look no further! i found the answer!

the answer is, female shades look better n fits better on guys. yea believe dat! but y does it have to be the ladies with the nice stuffs?n suprisingly thier stuffs r alot cheaper than guys!hey dont get it twisted,i dont wanna be a girl!its just dat we guys rule!

its result release day at sch n am SCARED! i dunno wat mine is gonna look like.actually am travelling cos i dunt wanna be anywhere close to kch wen the result comes out.

crap i need go do sme packing now! ermm bye? nvm. drop by again n thx 4 reading. cool dat ppl with thier sences get to read n stuff. its GROOVY baby! SHAGADELIC! ciao!


a b s o l u t a b b y said...

always lookin forward to readin your rants! Singapore will be nice... havent been there for long tm.. use to go there atleast twice a year! hope the results are good =) X

emmanuel said...

yea i hope so too. thx 4 dropping by. i will definetly write more soon.

skim said...

OMG i KNOW that girl.
e one in e blue tee shes in my class.

small world.

u spelt female wrong

emmanuel said...

did i? oh she is in ur class? cool.wat a small kuching.lol