Wednesday, September 5, 2007

time n sights in singapore

Like i decided on my previous post, i made it to singapore ,tho i wasnt really prepared 4 it. but it was a fun filled trip.
i arrived on wednesday night n had to rest for the day in my hotel room. but thursday was a diff story...
i heard there was an african resturant sumwhere called "Mustapha" so i headed down there with nji. the food was nice,i havnt had a complete african meal in a long time so it was great to me.

later dat nite it was party time at Ministry Of Sound.

the two shots of drink above, is called "B65", n if u look closely, u can see the fire lit on it. it wasnt really strong afterall tho.i went back to continue tequilla's.


suprisingly,i woke up without a hangover,so i set of again. went to orchard road into a shopping mall called "takashimaya"(wonder wat it means). we (i n nji) went there 4 the sole purpose of getting western food like steaks. but then we ended up in a japanese resturant.

i dared Nji to eat a ridiculous amount of veggie n suprisingly he did! well after all the eating n fun with the veggie,it all sumed up in the bills.
after that, we had a stroll along the road with various malls n world leading designer labels.
yea i spoted a lambo on dat street also. it was actually the 3rd lambo i saw in singapore n it wasnt the best at all. the galardo i saw was so nice,but then it couldnt wait 4 me to take a pic.:(.but then singaporeans got good n great taste 4 cars.i got to see virtually all my dream rides.n the best part was dat non were in a show room,they were ppls ride..the best place to spot these r at the vip car parks in clubs(big clubs at least).

dat nite i was at a pub n i had the content of the jug in the contained orange juice, 7 shots of tequilla, and 2 shots of some shitty drink dat the bar guy cliamed was 95% alcohol.i also had 2 shots of tequilla and shared another jug with nji. well i wasnt up to tell the story dat nite,cos i was passed out!i didnt even remember goin to my hotel room,i didnt knw how i got was fun tho.


i didnt wake up until 4pm n i suffered a massive hangover.i went n had lunch n back to bed until 7pm,then it was destination ZOUK! Dj PAUL VAN DYKE was playing from 7am till 7pm.

the entrance fee was $33,but then after the party ,it was worth it. i left at 5.30am tho,i couldnt hang on until the 7am closing time.
every other day was just easy goin n less crazy. i came back to kuching on tuesday.
i finally had to chill at the new STARBUCKS at the airport b4 i left was a nice place to chill,i hope they expand a lil more n come into town.

i gotta say the internet speed sucks but then,internet is not its primary service.thanks for reading! cheers.


Linus Chibros said...

Wow emma u really enjoyed and toured the whole singapore during your guys ate food that cost RM 122.56 per meal...good self embezzlement

emmanuel said... u r crazy! thx 4 the comment. it was fun there tho.;)

skim said...

u lucky S.O.B

so u finally tried sushi? i dun think e veggie was supposed to be eaten... its like decoration. haha

looks like u had lotsa fun in kinda jealous.

did u go shopping?

emmanuel said...

shopping?ermm..not can explian.

a b s o l u t a b b y said...

whoa! Singapore sounded like a blast.. it's no fun if u didnt go shoppin' =) but then again u spent most of your time eating & drinking... lol!

emmanuel said...

yea exactly! wanted to just go sumwhere n ease up.if i wanted to shop,kl is even cheaper.thx 4 d comment.

Anonymous said...

the lambos r hot. haha nice coffee shop song LOOL imagine if it were to be sung the way people call coffee shops in kch-kopi tiam lol

emmanuel said...

hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhaha...sam i cant imagine dat! "its just another day at the 'kopi tiam'"lol.

Anonymous said...

emma those letters are there for u to type so that spam can be avoided.