Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blind, Deaf or Dumb?

bored in class,so i picked up a pen n wrote this..

A blind begger was on the street, with a sign on his neck dat read ,"help me am blind! i need money"...

two pedestrians saw him n took pity on him..

pedestrian: have dis man (passing him rm50)

blindman: thx!

*b4 the blind man streched his arm to recieve the cash,the wind blew d money away..almost instantly, the blind man ran after the cash and just as it was about to go into the drian,he dived at the cash.*

pedestrians: i thot he was blind?!!!hw did he do dat?!!(both suprised,they walked up to the blind man)

pedestrians: we thot u were blind!!!???

blindman: BLIND!!!??? who told u dat!!!!?

pedestrians: UR SIGN!!!

*blind man reads the sign suprised*

blindman: stupid artist! i told him to print "deaf and dumb"! who even told him i was blind!?

pedestrians: did he just say deaf and dumb?! i thot i heard words come outa his mouth!?

thanks 4 reading! cheers.


Anonymous said...

once i bought a nemo soft toy to support the deaf and dumb community. next thing, a friend saw the dude who sold the nemo pretending to be also deaf and dumb talking on some fancy nokia hp behind soho. wtf.

emmanuel said...


skim said...

one of your poorer posts emma.
tsk tsk

Miss Ayisha said...
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Anonymous said...

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