Monday, November 5, 2007


Finaly, i got a new cam since the last one was stolen, and also am gonna be with my family in a couple of days!
I got the canon s5is and am loving it! i got it on saturday morning immediatly i woke up! and just incase u wanna knw, i didnt even shower b4 goin, and i was dealling with a lil hangover from friday nite.

Nway, i left 4 santubong resort after i got the cam dat day,n i had a couple of test shots.

THESE SHOTS WHERE TAKEN BY ME...i just took random pics since no one would pose 4
i also got a free tripod!
dammn!!! its 5.35am. need to sleep now..thx 4 out.


AH20 said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can i have that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emmanuel said...

it depends. YES U CAN!

Anonymous said...

hey emma how much is that?

emmanuel said...

sam: it cost RM1699

Anonymous said...

woww.. ok. i need cash.

am+ber said...

lol emma photography ;)