Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Lots of things to do has totally taken me away from my blog....I been having tons of fun lately with my family dat I even had to extend my return from the 3rd of January till the 13th of January...

I couldn’t believe how big my lil sisters had grown, and they even got cuter...i can't write on much at this moment, but i will have more posts soon wheneva i can..
Oh yea, am still alive people(wtf!) n i arrived Nigeria safetly!
welcome to NIGERIA
my sisters
sis anita
sis karen
cousin chiamaka
sis karen


Anonymous said...

ur lil cousin's gonna grow up pretty.

emmanuel said...

thx sam...u got a cute cuz ? a guy i mean so i could hook em up.;)

samudhya said...

karen is just gorgeous... i want a baby like tht.