Wednesday, April 30, 2008

iron man

i have no idea to wat other people think, but i think "iron man" was a 'kick ass' movie...i would give it a 8 outa 10...i loved the ride's are so sick looking n the latest one "Audi R8" which was used in the movie is d best audi 4 me so far...
one thing i dont like bout the movie is d fact dat he revealed 
his identity..super heroes are not allowed to do dat! or didnt stan lee mention dat part to them? nways, the movie was impressive. cant wait 4 hell boy to be released..


Effadylia said...

i cant hardly wait for hellboy 2, that i must admit, have u seen the trailer? its awesome!

emmanuel said...

i got like d 2 versions of in in HD quality on my computer..

BeverLy's Secret said...

Thx for your wishes~~
I'll work hard on it..

Anyway, just to satisfy my curiosity. How would you ended up in Sarawak? I mean, you are a westerner, aren't you?

emmanuel said... not even sure!

Effadylia said...